Identify Duplicate Logins With 1Password

Ever since Gawker got hacked this weekend, everyone has been giving out their two cents about securing passwords. The practice of using passwords has always been insecure, but it's still the most common way to authenticate. Users continue to make the simplest passwords they can while computers continue to become faster making cracking easier. I'll admit I even reuse logins and passwords from time to time. One of the many downsides is that once someone knows your login for one site, they know them for a lot of sites. I got an email from Gawker saying my account may have been compromised. I used this tool to verfiy. Now I needed to not only change that login, but find all the other places on the internet I used that login. Enter 1Password's Smart Folders. 1Password is a great tool I've been using for a long time to store everything from logins to credit card numbers to reward program information. I saw someone mention their Smart Folders feature on Twitter and thought I could use one to see where else my Gawker login was being used. Smart Folders work a lot like rules in Outlook. You specify criteria and the folder groups any entries that match. I first matched the password I used exactly, then matched the part of my email address that comes before '' to any field since some sites use entire email addresses and others just a username. You'll see I found four other sites that I had used the same login credentials. Now I know exactly where I should go change my password instead of trying to think of every site on the internet that I have an account. There are better ways to use Smart Folders like tracking weak passwords instead of duplicate passwords, but this was a quick way to eliminate the possibility of an acai berry outbreak. I'm sure I'll have more in depth rants about passwords in the future. If you're looking for other password utilities, TUAW did a great write-up on securing passwords on Mac OS X.

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