American Dream Is Elusive for New Generation

Summary: Poor Scott Nicholson lives with his parents in a Boston suburb as he turns down $40,000 jobs. His father and grandfather worked their way up corporate ladders to achieve their success. They don’t understand how Scott can’t be catapulted to the top without ever lifting a finger. “So he struggles to get a foothold in the civilian work force. His brother in Boston lost his roommate, and early last month Scott moved into the empty bedroom, with his parents paying Scottโ€™s share of the $2,000-a-month rent until the lease expires on Aug. 31.”

“I can find work but it doesn’t pay $75,000 like my brother’s job so I’ll turn it down and complain that the recession is holding me down.” How did he get featured in a New York Times piece?

American Dream Is Elusive for New Generation


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