The Start to the Last Time I Ride Megabus

I’m here 45 minutes early so Megabus doesn’t leave me again like last time. I was 30 minutes early the time before like their tickets tell you to be. The bus was ahead of schedule last time and just left.

I called their customer service number tonight to see if my bus was on schedule. First, I had to press 2 to get to the main menu- fail. Then, the recording said their operating hours were until 11pm Eastern. It wasn’t even 8:30pm EST, and no, they didn’t say anything about only Monday through Friday.

I understand they are the cheapest way to travel, and that I shouldn’t expect much for a $10 ride to Chicago. But they are a poorly run company with little respect for their customers. I hope they get taken to the cleaners for that crash last week and at the very least show up tonight so my brother doesn’t have to drive to Chicago tonight.

The Start to the Last Time I Ride Megabus

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