Spending Money On Useless Things

Tracy: Jack, you donโ€™t get it. I donโ€™t want to spend so much, I have to! Iโ€™m afraid Angie will divorce me if ever have enough money for her to live off of half. So before she can get it, I have to spend money on useless things, like gold shoes, and Grizz and Dot Com.
Jack: Sheโ€™s not going to get half, Tracy. What does your pre-nup say?
Tracy: I donโ€™t have a pre-nup. When Angie and I got married, my only assets were a toaster oven and two tickets to a Young MC concert.

(I understand this burden of having to spend money, but I’m glad I don’t have the money to buy awesome domains like boyco.tt for over $600/yr)

Spending Money On Useless Things

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