Finding Amazon S3 Region IP Ranges

I wanted to find the IP ranges for all of Amazon’s US-based S3 regions. After a lot of searching through outdated forums, I found out how to get the ranges directly from the source.Β 

The Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) is broken up into buckets that are stored in different regions. Currently, there are three US regions documented. I had to search for their actual hosts names which are documented in the AWS Java SDK.


To find each region’s IP range, I used two basic command line tools- host and whois. Host is a DNS lookup utility that resolves a host to an IP.

$ host has address

Now that I have the IP, I can run whois on it to find its NetRange. Since whois also returns a bunch of other information, I grepped for exactly what I wanted.

$ whois | grep NetRange
NetRange: -

Now I have the IP range for the US West (Northern-California) S3 region.

A note about the US Standard region: is actually aliased between and s3-2.amazonaws.comΒ so I had to whois both of those hosts.

$ host is an alias for is an alias for has address

Finding Amazon S3 Region IP Ranges

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