How To Report Spam Texts to AT&T

You get a text message from a number you don’t know saying something that immediately sounds off your internal spam alarm. You don’t know how these spammers got your number and feel helpless as to how to prevent it in the future. You personally can’t do much which is why you should report it to your carrier. They can do more to put up spam filters like the ones email providers have. Here is how to report unwanted SMS messages to AT&T on your iPhone:

  1.  Copy the unwanted spam message. 


  2. Send it to SPAM (7726) which is free of charge and won’t count against your monthly total of messages.
  3.  Reply with the offending sender’s number.

That’s it! You can optionally add SPAM to your contacts to make it easier to send to next time, which hopefully won’t be as often thanks to you being proactive about reporting these unwanted messages.

SPAM (7726) on AT&T 

How To Report Spam Texts to AT&T

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