Notes from Tahoe Tech Talk

Almost two years ago, Andy and I splurged to attend Tahoe Tech Talk hosted by Gary Vaynerchuk with an All-Star lineup of speakers including Chris Sacca, Dave Morin, Kevin Rose, and Dave McClure.

During each of their talks, Andy took notes and recently gave them to me.

Chris Sacca

Notes from Chris Sacca's talk

  1. Start … Now
  2. Go BIG
  3. Worship Data
  4. Get the fuck out of the way
  5. Feed Talent (figuratively/literally)
  6. Listen more than you talk
  7. No Douchebags

Dave Morin

  1. Simplicity takes time
  2. Quality is underrated. Focus on design.
  3. Information scarcity means value
  4. Advertising creates low quality
  5. Premium content is quality
  6. When privacy isn’t an issue/concern, it enables trust and quality
  7. Customers > Users

Kevin Rose

  1. Go build it – must be about passion not $
  2. Build + Release
    • 3-5 items you can kill at
    • learn from what your users do, not what you think they’ll do
  3. Hire hustlers, people that will run circles around you
  4. Beg, borrow, steal as long as possible
  5. Go cheap, part time A players
  6. Connect w/ your audience
  7. Hack the press, invite only, junior bloggers, attend parties for events you can’t afford
  8. Advisors
  9. Analyze your traffic

Dave McClure

Understand the PROBLEM
NOT Solution

Notes from Tahoe Tech Talk

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