I wrote this more than six weeks ago just to put something down. I’ve feared polishing it since. Today, May 30th, 2015, I’m publishing it unedited along with the previous birthday posts because the raw ideas are more fun to look back on.

A year ago I didn’t publish the first thing I had written in almost two years. I regret not sharing it then but am proud to read it now.

Ten years ago I wasn’t sure I would graduate high school. I remember being locked away in my room reading about GED programs, figuring out if I could go to college without a high school diploma. I was already accepted; had a dorm, a roommate, a major. My last semester was a real low point. I still have my “Poetry Anthology” where the teacher wrote:

I hope you look back on this in brighter times and feel relieved that this is behind you.

Now, I’m in brighter times. We’re still really enjoying SF and preparing to move into our first condo. The isocket journey is over. I need to write more about that experience (for myself if for anyone).



Forgive me, it has been almost two years since I’ve written. Twenty-seven year old Max is married, lives in San Francisco, and is on a journey with a small startup.

My excuse for not writing last year was being too busy planning our perfect wedding. It wasn’t easy, but all of the hard work paid off. All I remember is being truly happy and still am.

Shortly afterwards, we moved to SF to be closer to friends and try city living while we’re still young. Caitlin was hesitant without having the experience of living in Chicago, but we’re both very happy with the decision. There is still so much to explore after being out in the Bay Area for 3 years.

I left to work with John Ramey, who originally prompted me to move to Silicon Valley. In July 2012, isocket was just 10 people. Now, iSocket has officially surpassed 30. It has been an educational journey filled with new self-awareness.



My birthday was last week, and I wanted to continue a little tradition of writing something each year. This year, I donated my birthday to charity and reached my goal!

I didn’t get a chance to write anything on my actual birthday because I was too busy goofing off with my mom, who was in town visiting. We went on a tour of Stanford, admired the view from the top of Hoover Tower, went up to Skyline Drive for an even better view, tried a new Korean restaurant in downtown Palo Alto, and celebrated with a little gelato.

The great northern California weather has allowed me to stay active and fit. I picked up tennis again after not really playing since high school. I’ve been running the last 7 weeks following the Couch to 5kย app. I learned how to play badminton with a group of friends from work, and most recently have been honing my billiards skills at work thanks to our new pool table, which I helped pick out.

I could go on and on about the other great people, places, and things I’ve experienced over the past year, but I’ll save that for the five weddings I’m attending this summer. I’ve really progressed as a programmer, but I’ll save that for another post as well.

Writing this is a renewed personal commitment to publish more meaningful content. Next year or in ten years, the only thing I’ll really care about remembering about my 25th birthday is spending time with my mom, staying active, and helping bring a dozen people clean water.