How to Automatically Backup Your Tumblr

  1. Download the Tumblr Backup App
  2. Create a new event in iCal that repeats every week, month, or year
  3. Set the alarm to open the app

When the app launches, you’ll still have to click “Start backup” unless you want to make a cool script. Right now there is only a Mac version of the backup app. It would be nice if they released a script you could set to run via corncob.

Does anyone have a better way to automatically backup Tumblr?


Solved: Wacky Mac Booting Problem

I was having trouble booting from a certain DVD on my brother’s Macbook this weekend. I could boot from the DVD on my Macbook Pro, and my brother’s Macbook would boot from other DVDs. I couldn’t figure it out so I called Apple Care to see if they had any ideas for the wonkiness.

Instead of holding ‘c’ to boot from the superdrive, they had me hold the ‘option’ key which allows you to choose where you want to boot from. As simple as it sounds, it worked.

Hope this saves someone from pulling their hair out.

Solved: Wacky Mac Booting Problem